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Tally, ERP, Thin Client, Barcode, Accounting & Billing Solutions


Team CNC’s software and hardware support team are fully experienced to deliver quick services: onsite or remote on per call or contract basis. Be it technical consultancy, trouble shooting, or product training, the team is always ready for your small queries or ever expanding needs…


Tally, ERP, Thin Client, Barcode, Accounting & Billing Solutions

CNC’s unique advantage is providing software and hardware service under one roof, very advantageous for Corporate Houses, as one need not call two vendors thereby reducing the down time of your system or IT equipment’s.

Annual maintenance contract is an effective solution for managing the service or systems to function properly in an establishment and it is recommended for Tally or Saral Multi user clients, corporate or NGO customer who needs service on priority basis.

Services under AMC
  • • Desktop support (MAC/Windows)
  • • System management check
  • • Disk clean and optimization
  • • Antivirus and malware removal
  • • Email security and management
  • • Servers, attached or SAN storage
  • • Preventive maintenance
  • • Network related hardware or software glitches


Tally, ERP, Thin Client, Barcode, Accounting & Billing Solutions

CNC hardware team also supplies Branded PC’s or Notebooks - HP, DELL, LENOVO, Printers - HP, Canon, Clone PC’s, Networking accessories to corporate clients at competitive prices with assured warranty and services

The team also undertake LAN and VPN services where quality cables, connectors and networking equipment’s are used for establishing wired or wireless networking over local LAN or WAN.


Tally, ERP, Thin Client, Barcode, Accounting & Billing Solutions

CNC’s software team is fully experienced in providing onsite or remote troubleshooting services, advance technical consultancy, basic training services for Tally, Saral and ERP. It helps the client to spend time for core duties whereas the team take up headache for software glitches…


  • • ERP Implementation Services
  • • Software Customization
  • • Tally Data Synchronization Services
  • • Data Migration Services - from other products
  • • API Integration Services - with other local software or devices
  • • Specialized Training Services - on product usage
  • • Implementing Barcode Solution - for Stock Management
  • • Advance Stock and Inventory Management
  • • Annual Maintenance Services - Tally, Saral and ERP
  • • Onsite Support Services- visiting client office to fix software issues
  • • Remote support Services- Solving problem through remote view
  • • Mobile App Development for Tally or Saral - for reporting purpose

Tally Data Synchronization

Tally, ERP, Thin Client, Barcode, Accounting & Billing Solutions

Data Synchronization is required when it comes to consolidate data in one place across multiple location from anywhere in the world. Team CNC do the initial setup for Server and Client companies, devising a system whereby avoiding duplication and errors.

In decentralized architecture, data exchange is between Branches & Head office without much worries either in one way or both ways.

Here it simplifies the data management but requires a dedicated and powerful Server at main location, with Data to be synchronized periodically.

Tally’s Remote Access Services helps a business owner or decision maker to manage business 24x7 from anywhere. It helps manage cash flows, bank accounts, stock positions.



A small but close-knitted harmonious team working together in a creative environment; caters to big reputed clients from all sectors. Thanks to the growing reputation and recommendations TEAM CNC has grown and expanded its skill set considerably. Each member represent quintessential spirit of a Nepalese Person: Humble, ever smiling, up to the task, and committed.
If you are interested to join our team and expand your inner’s potential to grow then do shoot us an email!