Complete Guide to Tally Accounting & Inventory Software


With more than 30 years of experience of serving business and NGO community through tally business softwares, It is undoubtedly the number one accounting software for small and medium businesses in over 112+ countries. Tally Nepal (CNC) distributor of Nepal offers unparalleled experience in sales, support and services of Tally Software with over a dozen of dealers and two dozen resellers network in Nepal.

A proper use of the Tally Solution can uplift your business accounting process to next level. To ease you with the process, here we provide you some essential tips about Tally.

What is Tally.ERP 9 ?

Tally ERP 9 is a  Trusted Accounting and Inventory Solution. It manages the financial accounting, inventory management, banking and more business accounting requirements in the process of business management. It is one of the most trusted accounting and inventory management software. Tally is full of functions and features to ease the process of business data analysis meanwhile keeping them safe and secure.

What is Enterprise Resource Planning System (ERP)?

ERP is the abbreviation of Enterprise Resource Planning. So, ERP solution is the software that contains various operations of a business into a single merged system. There are various processes involved in a business such as purchase management, sales management, inventory and payroll management etc. It is not possible to have separate system to manage each of these elements of businesses. That’s when the ERP software comes as a savior or time and cost. 

ERP softwares ease the process of business and accounting , moreover it provides crucial direction for decision making through the data analysis of business accounting history.

What is Accounting Software ?

Every business is based on proper management, and management can run smoothly if it can be bolstered by administering modern and advanced technologies and tools. An accounting software is the solution that can manage and process the financial data. Accountants and bookkeeping professionals are using accounting softwares to take care of the accounts and other financial operations.

There are different types of accounting software. Normally they can be categorized as the Billing/ Invoicing Software , Payroll management system and ERP Systems. Their role and function varies cheque writing , customer payment management to the overall product planning, inventory management and accounting.