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Thin Clients from CNC
CNC is one of the few companies in Nepal who are promoting thin client architecture . We provide Veda thin client which is most optimized solution for Citrix ICA, Microsoft RDP, VMware VDI.

Enterprises spend billions of rupees to ensure that their computer systems are secure, reliable and active. Easy Thin Client eliminates all these problems – and as a result, we save our customers enormous amounts of time and money.

To ensure that your IT infrastructure remains efficient, changes has to be adapted as requirements change. Easy Thin Client allows you to transform legacy Desktop PCs to the very latest Clever Thin Clients, where you don’t need to up-grade clients for life time.

What is a THIN CLIENT ?
Thin Client is a Server-based network computing solution that provides a secure & cost effective way to run Windows, Linux & DOS based applications. A Thin Client often does not contain local storage (like Hard Disk) and requires very little processing resources

Other advantages of Thin Clients
• Eradicate Software Installation, Maintenance and upgrade problems
• It has ZERO client installation and all softwares are centralized on   application servers
• Freedom to connect to any operating system and any application
• Independence from internal processing speeds and RAM
• Fast, Reliable, Secure and saves you Time & Money

Industries where Easy Thin Clients can be used
• Education
• Wholesale / Retail
• Finance & Insurance
• Healthcare
• Manufacturing
• Warehousing
• Banks
• Corporate
• Offices

Veda Thin Client PC
It combines great performance, stateless operation, low power consumption, USB ports, remote management, and simple device setup and imaging. This small, lightweight, solid-state unit can be mounted even on the back of a display

Memory: 128 mb (Expandable upto 1 gb)
Ethernet: 10/100 mbps onboard, Normal RJ45 Type cabling
Ports: 1 LPT1, 4 USB, 1 serial , 2 PS2, 1 IDE
Audio / Video: AC97 Codec,  15 Pin D-type Female VGA Connector
Power: +12V @ 5A (60 Watts Adaptor Based Power supply)
Dimension / Weight: 8.75" x 8" x 2.25", 1.5 Kg.
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