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CNC has tied up with CADS Software India for marketing their world famous Structural Analysis and Design applications. CADS had moved into AutoCAD add-ons in the late 1980s and became a major force in driving the acceptance and uptake of AutoCAD as the de-facto standard CAD platform.


Analysis & modeling software
CADS provides a range of 2D/3D structural analysis software to suit varying degrees of complexity, from simple trusses to major building structures through software such as Analyse 3D, A3D Max, Scia Engineer, GT STRUDL

Design software

CADS develop and support a range of software products such as SW Member, Composite beam, RC beam, column, pile cap, slab designer and many more to suit the full range of design requirements for steel, reinforced concrete, timber and other materials.

Detailing software

CADS provides a range of 2D & 3D RC & Steelwork AutoCAD based detailing software such as CADS Steelwork, Advance Steel, CADS RC, CADS RC India, RebarCAD to suit every type of job from simple footings or trusses to major building and civil engineering structures.

Geotechnical software

The CADS range of Ground Engineering applications includes Bearing Pile Designer, Piled Wall Suite, Reslope, Retain software for designing cantilever and mass concrete Retaining Walls, Sheet Piling, Cofferdams, Slope Stability analysis and Reinforced Slope design through

Roads & Drainage software

CADS provide Microdrainahe WinDes & ECL PDS Ground Modelling and Highway Design suite that uses digital survey data for digital ground model which is subsequently used to produce road alignments and drainage system designs.  Other possible applications include land fill management, golf course design and mineral extraction.


SMART scaffolder is the professional software tool for the quick and accurate generation of quotations, drawings and load lists for tube and fitting scaffolding

Detailing Services

CADS provide global rc detailing service for selected customers

CADS is an Authorised Reseller for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit Structure and AutoCAD Revit Structure Suite. They offer expert sales, training & support, as well as advice on integration with Autodesk compatible products such as Scia Engineer, CADS RC, Advance Steel and SMART Scaffolder draw IT.
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